NO' 60.

These lures are made from lathe turned chromed brass.Two weights are available; 2lb and 1lb.

Their function is to sink very quickly once a boat is stopped getting down to fish cruising deep below baitfish schools.

Shape: Torpedo squid. -------------------Rigging: running trace;up to 400lb mono/600lb wire.

Hook size: 10/0,11/0,12/0. ----Trolling Speed: up to 15 knots.

Action:straight runner. Sinks rapidly when boat stops.

Skirts:Fixed. --------We normally supply heads only;customer fits own skirts.

Skirt diameter:.......1lber = 7/8 inch.; -------2lber = 1.25 inch.

Centre hole: lined with PVC tube.

When ordering please specify weight. ---(1pounder or 2 pounder.)

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