The TORPEDO 150 gram.

no's 50 to 59 on main picture.

This lure series is very popular as a reliable Yellowfiin tuna lure.It uses the same "plug - in" rigging system as our "mini lures" but utilises larger skirts,typically Yo-Zuri and Sevenstrand and Big T , 6 to 8 inch sizes.It is also being increasingly used by commercial tuna trollers,who like its weight,subsurface running characteristics and ease of re-skirting.Excellent on Albacore.

Construction: Lathe turned chromed brass.------------Weight: 150 gm (approx) 5.3 oz

Trolling speed: up to 15 knots.-----------------Action: Straight runner,tolerant of big seas.

Trace: up to 3mm diameter.--------------------Rigging system; running trace.

Hook size: up to 9/0. (or for commercial fishers-10/0 twin hook.)

Available rigged or unrigged;or heads only.

Skirt selection:by lure number :

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