Lures numbered 1 to 38 are the SPERRY MARAUDER series.

These lures are a legally protected design and registered with the NEW ZEALAND and AUSTRALIAN PATENT AUTHORITIES.


Fishing Method: Troll. - all models.

Cast and Troll: M150;M130;M100;M75.


Action in the water:- These lures pop every few seconds.They then dive under the surface and leave a good bubble trail.When the air bubbles are nearly exhausted the tail shakes quite vigourously until the lure pops again.The overall action is similar to a frightened bait fish trying to escape a predator.The smaller versions can be successfully cast and retrieved(fast).

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LURE NO' 11; This is the M200 DT. (double twin).


This lure is essentially the same dimensions as the M200 but is supplied rigged with two double hooks(stainless 10/0's) mounted on a 75cm /400lb s.s trace.The trace is locked with a sleeve on the nose of the lure to comply with I.G.F.A. regulations for gang hooked lures.The lure can be re-rigged if trace wear necessitates it,by a competent lure rigger.It is usual practice for us when fishing these lures to attach a 400lb mono trace extension to the wire trace,of about 14ft.

Performance:-Similar to M 200 but top end troll speed reduces in rough seas.The M200D.T. is designed for hooking up Marlin that are tapping lures and for other skirt/tail biters.It has no oil reservoir.

Because it essentially carries four hooks it can be difficult to release fish that become hooked on this lure .We do not recommend its use where tag and release is the objective.

COLOURS: Duplicated in M200 colours 3;4;6;7;9;10;and bronze mackerel.

Available as rigged only.

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