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Catalogue numbers:39--The 100gram "Torpedo" *

40--The "Mini Squid" *

41--The "Mini Shimmy" *

42--The Mini Kona" *

Available either rigged or unrigged.


These lures feature a simple skirt interchange system.

Starting with a bare mono trace of about 150 lbs bs.,rig your hook and crimp the bottom sleeve.Slide a small round bead down the trace from the top and let it sit on top of the sleeve.Next,slide your skirt down from the top of the trace and over the bead.Now take your Sperry "plug-in"lure head and run the trace up through the base of the lure,out the nose and seat the tail recess of the lure firmly over the top of the skirt.Knot or crimp the top eye of the trace and your ready to troll.



Construction;Lathe turned chromed brass.------------Trace: up to 300lb mono.-

Skirt length: approximately 5inch.-Trolling speed:up to 10 knots--Mini Kona & Mini Shimmy.

Up to 15 knots--100 gram TORPEDO & Mini Squid.

Weights; Mini Squid =50 grams; 1.7 oz---------------Mini Shimmy = 40 grams; 1.5 oz.-

Mini Kona = 35 grams; 1.25 oz.------------------------100 gm Torpedo = 100 grams.=3.25 oz.

Skirt Patterns: refer photo;----------------Colour codes 'a,b,c,etc.

Skirts come as "inner and outer set".

Hook size:6/0,7/0.

Action: Torpedo; straight running/sub surface.-----Mini Squid; straight running/sub surface.

Mini Kona; pop and dive and weave.-Mini Shimmy; sub surface shaker with occaisional pop.

Target species: Small tuna,salmon.Kahawai.Kingfish,Albacore, Skipjack and other medium to small pelagics.

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